Love Life.

God Bless the beach. Live as hard as you can for as long as you can. Find meaning in what you do. Love is ephemeral enjoy the ride.

Have a Firm Handshake. Make direct eye when you meet someone. Let people talk about themselves, there is NOTHING that will make them like you more.

Love Life.

Get off social media. Read a Book. All of Life’s lessons can be learned  through literature. There are only 7 storylines in the world. Not everything great has been said yet. The perfect sentence exists and it’s every persons duty to strive towards creating it.

Love Life.

Dogs are the cure to loneliness. Money isn’t happiness but it’s sadnesses best distraction. You exist in your own mind so make that a happy place to be. The more perspectives you can understand the more successful you’ll be.

Love Life.







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